8 reasons why we just can't help falling for Fall...

1. Rum, meet apple cider, apple cider, meet rum. You two are going to get along GREAT (for some apple inspired cocktail ideas, click here)

2. Did you get your hair blown out or is it just the most perfect hair weather of the year? Yup, October has got us looking GOOD. 

3. The white bags, grease stains seeping out, crunchy sugar on your fingers & oh, then the inevitable panic. Did you seriously just eat half a dozen donuts? (could they be smaller this year??)

4. When the 5 day forecast involves a 'snuggle alert', fall has arrived.

5. Because the only thing more addictive than regular candy is seasonal candy...

6. When waking up to a rainy day feels like mother nature just handed you a valium..

7. You survived another gazpacho season, now you deserve to be rewarded.

8. When it's bye-bye beach weather & you've got a slew of incredible options upstate, with new adventures in the thick of the fall foliage just a car ride away ...

Posted on September 22, 2016 and filed under LIST.