A new (aroma) bar at Complexions


On Tuesday night, we headed over to Complexions Spa for the debut of their brand new aroma bar. What's an aromatherapy bar? Excellent question! Using a special app, clients can come to Complexions and answer a few simple questions on an iPad; the program uses your answers to design a signature aromatherapy blend with specific benefits for mind & body, that can be used in a treatment or in a product to take home. Complexions will save your signature blend and you can use it over & over again, or create something new every time. Our blend that evening smelled incredible and was a blend of ylang ylang, geranium and lime and could have been used in any of the body treatments Complexions offers, or in this case it was added to some fabulous hydrating water we took home with us. You can add your custom scent to any number of products, including shea butter body cream, goat milk body cream, aloe and lotions, massage oils, bath salts, and hydrating facial and body mists (making a blend for a friend of relative & adding it to some products would make a GREAT gift).

To get the full essential oils experience, Complexions is also offering a 'Chakra Awakening' massage which incorporates 7 different essential oil blends as well as the healing vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls, promising 'the ultimate in deep relaxation and aligning the chakras so that your energy can flow in a balanced way".  Click here to check out Complexion's list of services and to make an appointment to come enjoy their new aromatherapy bar!

Posted on September 30, 2016 and filed under SPA.