This week's Dish is all about a Farmer's Market staple...

Since I started writing this column, I knew I wanted to feature Clarity Juice. I've been seeing this farmers market staple at several of my favorite Saratoga businesses and it's beautifully simple packaging, vibrant colors and healthy message seemed to be calling for me. Not to mention one big fact: these juices are delicious. 

After first trying some of Clarity's juices at the market, I found myself craving the spicy apple Boost juice one day when I was feeling under the weather; the tart freshness of the juice mixed with a slight addition of heat was nourishing and also warming. Then, one day I walked down to the market with some friends that were visiting from Hoboken and my girlfriend Nicole recognized the Clarity brand from her spinning studio in Jersey. I knew then that this place was special. To start a small, local business with a presence primarily at markets but then to also reach audiences in multiple states? That is something to praise and behold. 

Clarity Juice is the brainchild of Sydney Peyser, who owns, runs, juices and operates this business with her boyfriend and co-owner Brian Homicz. Going into their fourth year running this small enterprise, Peyser and Homicz have mastered not only the art of juicing but also the simplistic and appealing nature of their brand and it's existence the scene. With eye- catching and sharp photos and smart placement, Clarity Juice has an undeniable presence on social media, and also in local businesses and at the aforementioned farmer's markets of Saratoga- an existence that is further cultivated through their e-commerce site and broadening distribution. 

This growth and exposure wasn't always the norm for Sydney, however, who started pursuing her dream job by juicing on-site at the market from her Breville juicer and serving her concoctions in Ball jars. Noticing a niche in the market for her products and for the health benefits that come with them, Sydney pursued Cornell's Food Entrepreneurship program and received her HACCP certification, the international standard for effective control of food safety. Sydney's original inspiration came from visiting the Whole Foods juice bar, which sparked her passion for a combination of real food and clean health. Sydney takes a holistic approach to her business, from the name (which is the mantra) to her vision of fresh and organic “health on the go”; in addition, Sydney foresees the future of her business as working with her clients to create customized health and clean eating plans, including tailored juice cleanses. For all those that have tried a juice cleanse and wound up feeling low-energy and down-right cranky (me), this custom and supervised plan to cleanse safely is appealing. 

You may be thinking, “Oh, this is just a trend and juice is just having a moment...”, but in a world of health-conscious people craving natural ingredients in an easy-to-consume way, this “trend” has serious staying power and Clarity is leading the charge. As the only seller of non-GMO, organic, cold-pressed and bottled juices in the area, Clarity prides itself on the high-quality, high-nutrition and highly vibrant products its producing. In addition, the company stands by its promise to never use pesticides, herbicides, added sugar, added water, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, chemicals or additives- phew that's a lot of crummy ingredients you won't find here. And in case you are wondering, Clarity also uses BPA-free plastic to bottle it's cold-pressed product, a process that preserves the living enzymes and nutrients in the juice as well as giving it a longer shelf life. 

Currently, the business offers four different flavors, each with their own benefits and their own beautiful colors: Beetox, Boost, Sararoga and Shine. Here's the rundown-- superfood Beetox=orange, apple, beet, ginger and lemon juice; immunity supporting Boost= apple, lemon, ginger and jalapeno juices, apple cider vinegar with the mother (side note-- no, not it's Mom, but the friendly culture of beneficial bacteria that turns the apple cider into vinegar), cayenne and cinnamon; hydrating green Saratoga= cucumber, apple, kale, spinach, lemon and ginger juice and the nourishing Shine= carrot, apple, lemon, ginger juices and superfood turmeric powder. Like I mentioned, Boost is my favorite because of it's heat, but the Saratoga is clean and satisfying and would probably be my second choice. The decision is difficult, however, as each of these options brings freshness, nutrition and serious flavor. 

If you've found yourself craving a cold juice right this second and can't wait for Saturday or Sunday's markets, never fear. Not only does Sydney sell her juices as well as cleanse packages on the website but you can find her products at Saratoga Coffee Traders, Putnam Market, Four Seasons Natural Foods, Battenkill Creamery's delivery service (super cool) and Healthy Living, not to mention all over the Capital District, in Brooklyn, the Hamptons, Burlington and Hoboken. Soon, Sydney and Brian hope to expand their thriving operation into Manhattan and Boston and eventually nationwide. 

These two young entrepreneurs have an ambitious vision, but given what they have done in the four short years since Sydney starting creating her juices at the market, the future for Clarity is, and pardon the pun but I just can't help myself, clear... and bright. Visit them and say hello this weekend and start following them on social media for a shot of color in your feed. [Added bonus, visit Clarity now until January 16th and also receive $3 off your juice!]

Posted on January 12, 2017 and filed under FOOD.