We hope you've all taken a pass through your wardrobe (we sure did!) & are ready for tonight's Pop Up Clothing Drive at Hattie's Restaurant. You can stop in anytime from 5pm onwards, click here for all the details & read on for more on what "You are Loved" is all about! Oh, and let's not forget there is a pretty sweet raffle going on as well -> ->

The founder of 'You are Loved' describes the experience of the pop up shops as follows... "My goal is that we create a safe space, a sanctuary, for all who attend. I want this space to be an engaging environment to foster positive relationships, sense of community and evolution of identity. I want the kids that walk into our pop up shop to feel as though they not only belong in this world, but that they are a vital part of its existence. I want them to feel the love their community has for them. Although they may not know these people personally, there exists a network of support wanting to build them up. What more do we have in this world than each other? Being a good neighbor is all about having and showing love for one another in the form of solidarity and support in any way we can. Even if all we can do is donate a little clothing or money to a cause we believe in. Every bit counts, always, to people who need it."

Posted on February 16, 2017 and filed under BEAUTY, FASHION, PHILANTHROPY, restaurants.