Home for winter break? Here's a custom cocktail, created just for you from Salt & Char-

So lots of us this week are headed into the school break/President's Day and if you're staying put in Saratoga with kids, well... we're guessing by the end of the week you might be needing a break from your break - or at least, we know we will! So we asked the mixology geniuses over at Salt & Char if they could come up with an easy, yummy cocktail you could whip up at home- a little something special to sip on, until those adorable kiddos head back to school next week. (And if you've scored a babysitter, even for an hour or two, we've got suggestions for you too- more on that in a minute!) 

First, here's a little quick & easy something to tipple on tonight, courtesy of our friends at Salt & Char- we call it the Cabin Fever Cocktail :)

Note: We've included preferred ingredients in bold, then substitutes if it's a long day/ grocery trip hasn't happened / cocktail SOS situation-

Take 1.5 oz vodka (you could swap this out for rum or whiskey if needed)

Mix with 2 oz of apple cider (or in an emergency, apple juice / desperate times, juice box ) 

.75 oz blood orange (or regular orange juice / something citrus-y) 

& then.. the 'tricky' ingredient, .75 oz of Ancho Reyes - this is basically a spicy, chili liquor. If you happened to have it already we are extremely impressed with the thoroughness of your liquor cabinet. If not, you can pick it up at Purdy's .. or, in a pinch, substitute anything that will give the cider that little kick of heat- a tiny, tiny pinch of cayenne pepper or a little muddled jalapeño. Or if you need to omit it all together, don't panic this will still taste delicious- 

Mix your ingredients together (channel your inner Ralph!) & serve over ice OR... heat up the cider, mix in the remaining ingredients and drink hot! 

Now, alternatively, if you have landed a sitter for even an hour, you're going to want to hightail it over to the restaurant because these guys know how to mix a serious drink, & if it were us, here's what we'd be eating & drinking..

This beautiful, frothy pink deliciousness before you is called the Raspberry “Cartwheel” and is made with Jameson’s, raspberries, raspberry & tarragon shrub, Punt e Mes, and egg white (notice we didn't have you try that one at home..;) 

Then to munch on... a devine, fresh & totally satiating Roasted Beet Salad with smoked ricotta, citrus marmelade, spiced pecans. To top it off, the pork belly was a no-brainer. The Braised Pork Belly is served with honey crisp apple, rutabaga, lemongrass consomme...basically, a little slice of heaven.  

The Roasted Beet Salad with smoked ricotta, citrus marmelade, spiced pecans 

Braised Pork Belly with honey crisp apple, rutabaga, lemongrass consommé 

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